Home Decor Ideas For Your Dream Home

In today’s world, house is a big investment when it comes to long term planning. That is why having a good looking, neat and clean house has become a need nowadays for almost everyone around us. You house is something about which you might have dream of for years and years together. Everyone has an urge for having a beautiful house. Your house reflects your personality, your style and your ideas. That is why having a good home decor becomes very important. Home decor means decorating your home with colors, painted walls, articles and antique pieces so that you can make your home look like the one which you have always wished for.Home decor consists of decorating all the rooms properly as per the space available and the time to be spent in each of the rooms. For example, if you are considering the hall, it requires to be very presentable for any guests who come in. It cannot be untidy. It gives people your first impression. The bed room needs to be very cozy and comfortable with preferably light colors, so that the environment is very pleasant. The kitchen needs to be such that it should not look too congested or dirty. Normally, this is the space in the house where in there is maximum mess expected. So you need to arrange things properly and in a systematic manner in the kitchen. Again, if you are considering decorating the guest room, it needs to be very presentable and comfortable. When it comes to the kids room, it should be free from any dust or unwanted material. There should be lots of paintings of animals or flowers or even soft toys.Children love this kind of an ambiance in their room. Normally, the house should be colored in such a way that the touch is soft. The furniture also needs to be of good quality and limited so that the house does not get filled with only furniture and there is no space left else where. When it comes to selecting the floor, it should be such that it does not get dirty frequently or it is very easy to clean the floor as and when needed. White marble or white floor often starts giving a dirty look very soon as compared to darker shades. That is why not many people go for complete white shades. Instead, you can take darker shades. Your bathroom also needs to be very comfortable and spacious with good background. There are different types of accessories which can be used for decorating the house.For example, you can keep some antique pieces, glassware or wall hangings in the hall or bed room. These add a finishing touch to the rooms thus giving them a bright and a colorful appearance. At the same time, the colors which you choose should not be too dark and contrast. This normally gives a cheap and a dull look to the rooms. Colors should be classy and such that they suit the nature of the room. It is very important that they should give you the right feel when you are entering into a specific room.Many people also consider decorating their halls with flowers or creepers in the balcony. This adds some warmth to the house. People normally like to see a bit of nature around them, specially when they are relaxing or just taking a respite. You can also keep things like flower vases or flower pots in the hall or in the bed room. This also adds to the pleasant look of the rooms.The lights in the rooms also should be such that the house does not look too bright or unnecessarily bright. For example, you can select dim light shades in the bedroom and brighter ones in the kitchen and the hall. Normally, people prefer to have shades in orange or yellow more than white. This is because white often gives a very formal and official look to the house. In short, lights should add to the beauty of the house and not decrease it by extra illumination.When it comes to selecting the right furniture, your furniture should be such that it is just not too much to occupy the entire room gets unnecessarily. It should be such that it is very comfortable and at the same time gives you space in the room. Nowadays, people prefer to go for small dining tables which are mostly kept at one corner of the house, so that unlike the big dining table which is kept in between, this one does not block the road for any one who wants too roam around freely in the room. Whenever, people want to have their dinner, they can go and sit on the dining table. This gives the room a better and a clean look.Some of the other important aspects of home decor are how to keep your house free from any dust, how to get rid of unwanted odors, how to get rid of unwanted creatures, how to maintain the furniture or the color or even how to clean your house, specially the floor and the ceilings.Basically, if you add your own personal touch and style to decorating your house rather than giving the task to others, you yourself can be and can feel more comfortable and free when you are living in the house. At the same time, home decor is not at all an easy task. An enormous amount of time, energy and patience needs to go into it. You need to plan your budget and likings in such a way that the whole affair does not get too expensive and at the same time it is classy. Even a small house can be beautiful and even a big house can be untidy at times, if not given the right attention. You really do not need to have a palace or castle to build your house of dreams. It just takes ideas flowing in the right manner.

Some Home Decor Tips

A person’s home is not just a place to stay; it is a mirror to a person’s personality. People from all sections of the society spend a sizeable proportion of their income in decorating their homes. While deciding upon the right kind of home decor, a person should keep in mind various aspects.The first and foremost aspect of home decor is the overall theme. The theme could be modern or contemporary. While deciding upon the theme, the architecture of the house e should also be kept in mind. For example, if the house is built in a traditional or roman style, a modern theme will not look good. You should also keep your needs in mind. If you have children in your house, furniture should not have sharp edges. Do not use a lot of glass. Try going in for non-toxic wall paints which are also washable.It is not necessary for you to spend a fortune on home decor. You can do the decor on your own. Indoor plants look really great. They add a lot of life to an otherwise drab house. Indoor plants should be restricted to the living room, the dining room and the balconies. If your house is nice and airy, make the most use of the windows. Do not block them.Paintings add a lot of colour to a home. They are an important aspect of home decor. Paintings are available to suit every pocket. You can go for traditional pieces which work as investments. Prints are also a good idea. A collage of family photographs or portraits also look great if hung in the house.Colours also play an important role in home decor. You may use earthy tones like browns, rusts, beiges etc. Bright sunny shades of yellows and blues can also be used. Greys can be used to give your home a modern look. Wall papers can be used on certain walls for added effect. You may also use stencils to paint pretty patterns on certain walls of your house. Make sure you don’t go overboard painting patterns on every wall.Flooring should be chosen according to the theme of your house. Tiling, hardboard or laminate works best if you are remodelling. Marble can be used if you are willing to spend a larger sum of money. Bright coloured rugs and carpets can be used to add colour to the floor. You can use lots of throws and cushions as well. Make sure that your curtains, cushions and upholstery is colour co-ordinated.It is always a good idea to hire professional help when decorating your house. Doing it you can be extremely time consuming. After you approve of your design, make sure you are out of the way of the professionals. Their timings should be set according to your work timings so you are not at home while the labour is at work. It is a good idea to take a holiday while the remodelling work is on.