Home Decor Failure in Super 8 the Movie

Super 8 is a very good movie. I’ve read reviews that have criticized it, particularly the ending, but that is a critic’s job. I have only one criterion for movies and that is did I like it. I liked this one. This movie is action packed, funny in parts (unfunny at times when trying to be funny), scary and just plain fun.It successfully creates the homage to Steven Spielberg that J. J. Abrams intended. It’s a few parts Goonies, a few parts Close Encounters of the Third Kind and a little bit E.T.Although I am not a movie critic my son does run an online home gift and decor store so I want to poke fun at the drab interiors of the few houses that were shown in the movie. The movie takes place in 1979 as evidenced from a TV news report in the background that the Three Mile Island disaster had just occurred. Yet the home interiors look like they are out of the 1950’s. They are drab and depressing. Of course this may have been done for effect, but I’m not sure what effect they were going for. The movie is engaging and upbeat overall so it wouldn’t have killed the set designers to throw in a few nice indoor statues, a decorative mirror or two, gothic candlesticks or some nice lamps.This is middle class 1979 America that we are talking about here. Today you can get great statues and other decorative home decor for $35.00 on up so it must have been even cheaper back then (except for that nasty inflationary bubble that was still around).I am in awe of creative talent because I don’t have any. The creative talent behind many modern movies are special effects and set designers. The special effects in most movies (even movies that I don’t particularly like) blow me away because I do not have the vision that it takes to create them. If you see too many special effects movies in a row the effects can all start looking the same, but really they are distinct works of art (if you want to argue what art is with me don’t bother – I’m not that interested in the subject).You don’t even have to go to special effects for this. Before today’s special effects, the mainstay of many movies was the chase scene (it still is, but oftentimes special effects are incorporated). Creating a chase is not easy. You have to design every twist and turn, every explosion, every side swipe and so on. I’ve been told that there are writers that specialize in chase scenes. This may not be the forte of the main screenplay writer so he or she uses the services of a specialist to write a chase scene.Back to Super 8. The lifeless home interiors in the movie seem more appropriate for today than the 1970’s. Today we have massive economic problems. Households may look drab because of high unemployment and record foreclosure rates. Houses in 1979 should look more optimistic. They should be filled with decorative fountains, unique vases, wall friezes and most of all gargoyles statues. That’s right – gargoyles. One thing about gargoyles is that you can throw them into any type of decor and they liven things up.This now officially makes me a movie critic and probably the only one who has addressed home decor. Next time I see a movie that has a scene in a restaurant I’m going to criticize the silverware.